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Kixx Chain BIO

Kixx Chain BIO
Fully Synthetic, Biodegradable Chain Saw Oil
Kixx Chain BIO is an advanced biodegradable chain saw oil which qualifies for KWF(Kuratorium für Waldarbeit und Forsttechnik) performance requirements. It is readily biodegradable with a low level of ecotoxicity and bioaccumulation, so that the use for chain saws operated in environmentally sensitive area is particularly suited.
Fully synthetic esters, blended with state-of-the-art additives, provide Kixx Chain BIO with outstanding lubrication performance and environmental acceptability
    • Chain Saw (as a bar lubricating oil)
    • Forestry machineries operated under mild load condition
Технические стандарты
    Kixx Chain BIO meets performance standards as below.
    • EU Ecolabel for biodegradable chain saw oil
    • German BLUE ANGEL, DE-UZ 178
    • German KWF, Requirements for Verifying Usability of Chain Lubricants (Ver. 2017)
Longer bar life and stable operation of chain saw
With excellent wear protection, the damage of bar can be minimized. Thus, stable operation of chain saw will be guaranteed based on good lubrication between chain and bar.

Wide temperature application
Excellent viscosity-temperature characteristic can minimize the variation in kinematic viscosity with variation in operating temperature, and reduce the risk of malfunction in chain saw under low temperature condition.

Environmental protection
Formulation consists of biodegradable materials (98% of bio-based carbon content, ASTM D6866) and its excellent biodegradability (more than 60% after 28 days, OECD 301 B) provide ultimate environment protection.

Good storage stability
By physical and chemical stability caused by optimized formulation, properties and performances are maintained for long storage time.

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