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Fully Synthetic, Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluid
20 L
Kixx RD Bio is an advanced biodegradable hydraulic fluid which shows high performance above ISO 15380 HEES specification. It is readily biodegradable with a low level of ecotoxicity and bioaccumulation, so that the use for hydraulic devices operated in environmentally sensitive area is particularly suited.
Fully synthetic esters, blended with state-of-the-art ashless additives, provide Kixx RD Bio with outstanding lubrication performance and environmental acceptability.
    • Industrial hydraulic devices operated in environmentally sensitive area
    • Industrial hydraulic devices subject to wide variation in operating temperature
    • Hydraulic systems in construction, mobile and agricultural equipments
    • General industrial circulating and hydraulic systems in various stationary devices
Технические стандарты
    • EU Ecolabel for biodegradable hydraulic fluid
    • ISO 15380 HEES
    • US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) 2013 VGP (Vessel General Permit)

    • Longer hydraulic device life
    Advanced ashless anti-wear additives protects key hydraulic elements over a wide range of operating conditions. It passed vane pump durability test (Vickers 104C, more than 90% of margin against pass limit).

    • Reduced downtime
    Effective oxidation and rust inhibition system prevents
    - the generation of abrasive particles from rust and deposits
    - varnishes and sludges from base fluid breakdown
    - filter bloackage

    • Wide temperature application
    Excellent viscosity-temperature characteristics can minimize the variation in kinematic viscosity with variation in operating temperature, and reduce the risk of breakdown in high pressure and high load hydraulic devices which operate over a wide range of temperature.

    • Environment protection
    Formulation consists of high biobased materials(82%of biobased carbon content, ASTM D6866) and its excellent biodegradability (more than 60 % after 28 days, OECD 301 B) provide ultimate environment protection. 

Основные характеристики

Fluid Compatibility

Kixx RD BIO is miscible with general hydraulic oils formulated using mineral base oils. However, hydraulic devices in which Kixx RD BIO will be applied should be flushed as much as possible, to maintain excellent environmental properties and performances.

Seal Compatibility

Kixx RD BIO is compatible with HNBR (Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber), NBR 1 (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber) and FKM 2 (Fluroelestomer).

Test Results (ISO 6072)

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